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With Hard Rock Stone & Design LLC, we provide you, the customer, with high-quality, creative stonework that is built to last. We work with you in order to complete the project of your dreams or your business' dreams. We're there every step of the way from first phone call to final clean-up. If you're looking to create some gorgeous curb appeal or just simply repairing an old broken down wall, we'll take care of you. Our specialty is in our uniqueness. Being a small-business, we can AND do the things other companies refuse to because it's too small for them. We are passionate about our products and are always focused on the customer. 


Quality is everything to us! We take great pride in our slogan "Built to Last" and because of that, we go the extra mile in order to make sure that it will live up to that standard. Whether it's adding extra mortar here or there, or simply using the best products available, we do our absolute best to meet those standards.

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