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Retaining Walls

One of the most popular things requested that we take care of our retaining walls. Throughout the years, we've by far done more walls than any other single hardscaping design. The process for retaining walls is pretty simple. First, we set-up a meeting time to go over the project in detail and give an estimate (which is free by the way). After that, we can help you choose a stone for your wall or, help guide you with a color scheme. After that, we can start the install. As with most installs, the most fun is right at the beginning with the demo. Once that's completed, we can begin the correct preparations by digging out a base for the wall to stand upon and begin building the wall from there. Whether it's manufactured stone or natural, we do it all!


Along with retaining walls, steps are almost always a shoe in for a tied-in project. How else are you going to climb up over that custom wall? Well fret not as we here at Hard Rock also do a variety of steps to match the wall. We also do steps as a separate project as well. If you're looking to replace those worn down steps with brand new slabs, we're your one-stop shop for everything! What better way to increase the property value of your home or place of business than by upgrading the very first thing you step upon?


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